MERCANSA is your visionary maritime partner, delivering fast, reliable solutions across ship supply, warehouse management, and procurement services. Our commitment lies in exceeding client expectations and excelling in all areas of our operations.


Embark on a journey with MERCANSA, Panama’s seasoned maritime supplier boasting a wealth of experience in the supply chain and logistics of the maritime sector. We invest in establishing strategic alliances with industry success stories and thrive on delivering excellence to our partners.


Envisioning a future where maritime services are efficient and reliable, MERCANSA is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our services span from streamlined ship supply and proficient warehouse management to meticulous ship procurement services designed to help your operations sail smoothly.


Our reach extends to ship management, shipowners, catering firms, and agencies across all ports in the Republic of Panama, Central America, and the Caribbean. We take pride in guaranteeing a fast and efficient quality of service that keeps you ahead in this dynamic industry.


At the heart of MERCANSA is our dedication to cultivating robust relationships with suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers globally. This enables us to be your single point of contact, meeting all your maritime needs efficiently and effectively. Experience the difference with MERCANSA – your trusted partner in the marine industry.


With a history of over 35 years, MERCANSA is a pivotal player in the ship supply business, demonstrating vast expertise in maritime supply and logistics. Our reputation has solidified us as a premier ship supplier in the region.


Living by our motto: “We Deliver!”, our strategic locations in Panama Pacifico and Colon Free Zone, two of the world’s most significant Free Zones, empower us to deliver efficient, agile services.


MERCANSA’s vision encapsulates swift and dependable solutions across a comprehensive spectrum of maritime services, including ship supply, warehouse management, procurement, repairs, and logistics.

We value cultivating solid relationships with suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers globally, thereby establishing ourselves as a single point of contact for our customers’ diverse needs. With MERCANSA, excellence is just a call away.


We stand as a gateway to a wide variety of superior maritime supplies. Our selection encompasses fresh, frozen, refrigerated, and dry stores from across the globe, along with a diverse assortment of ethnic ingredients to cater to your crew’s unique tastes. Our established track record in providing food and beverages extends to traditional vessels and high-end, high-volume cruise ships.


Beyond our distinctive product offerings, we cater to various preferences with soft drinks, juices, bottled water, ice cream, cakes, chocolates, nuts, French fries, and various general and ethnic snacks.

Further, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of products from our bonded warehouses, featuring duty-free beer, wine, spirits, tobacco, and more. Trust MERCANSA for all your maritime supply needs.


We are meticulously engineered to ensure the most efficient delivery of goods and services. With over 4,500 square meters of warehouse space and strategic locations in the Pacific (Panama Pacifico) and the Atlantic (Colon Free Zone), we stand poised as an ideal ally for all your maritime requirements.


MERCANSA’s supply operations are meticulously designed for optimal reach to vessels and ports. Committed to providing comprehensive service, MERCANSA offers a suite of delivery solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of the maritime industry.


Our mission is to uphold an unmatched standard of service for our clientele. We offer premium products and tailor-made services, attending to all aspects of maritime supply importation for your vessel. Your requirements are our priority, making us your comprehensive solution for all maritime needs.